Elaine - Chair


I am the mother of three boys and my eldest son has high functioning autism and auditory memory difficulties. He was diagnosed at the age of 5 and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions ever since! Our family was offered no support post-diagnosis and so, we had to rely on the school and friends to guide us through difficult times. My son is a young man now and I am extremely proud of him and his achievements. This is one of the many reasons the Avenue was started, to offer help, support and information to families throughout their journey. Being a part of the Avenue is a positive experience for me and hopefully it will be for you too .😊
Qualification gained in Understanding Autism. Certified courses in SEN Law Foundation Training, Life Saving First Aid, Level 1 Safeguarding and Active Listening Skills.





Joanne - Vice Chair



I have 3 children - a girl and 2 boys.  Our youngest son was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2 and our daughter was diagnosed a few months later at the age of 7.  As well as having ASD, they both have sensory processing difficulties.  Sensory issues has become a passion of mine, as from looking at different coping mechanisms to help our children with their sensory needs, we have seen a huge positive difference in how they deal with life and the anxieties it gives them.  Being part of the Avenue has given me the opportunity to pass on knowledge and to signpost families to where they may seek further support.  This was something that we didn't have as a family when our children were first diagnosed.  As a family we are still learning about ASD - it is a continuous journey as our kids reach different milestones in their lives.  

Qualified in Understanding the Autism Spectrum and Asperger Syndrome. Certified courses in Understanding Sensory Processing, SEN Law Foundation Training, Level 1 and 2 Safeguarding and Life Saving First Aid.


Christine - Committee Member

christine I'm a mum of two children, my eldest child is 13 and has ASC, he was diagnosed at the age of 6, and it has been a learning curve for our family ever since, and although at times it can be challenging, I have learnt a lot. I also enjoy running the evening group for the Avenue, I have made some great friends, and love meeting our wonderful families. 

Certified courses in SEN Foundation legal training, Counselling skills Introduction and Counselling skills Level 2, NAS online course Autism: supporting families, High speed on line training for Safeguarding children and a Family and community care course. Emergency First aid.